Booking Conditions

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Please take some time to read our booking conditions which will help you to understand exactly what we offer and may cover any concerns or queries that you may have. We are very aware of people’s concerns when travelling abroad. We plan to ensure that your child’s journey is as pleasurable as possible. We will book his/her flights using a variety of well known flight operators. So that there is no misunderstanding, please read the following booking conditions carefully, as these will apply to any booking you make with us.

1. Making a Booking

After giving us your contact details, we shall contact you and send you our questionnaire. You can fill out our questionnaire without any commitment to payment. We shall then start the search for your perfect partner. This search shall be detailed and will take varying times. As soon as we find the right partner for your son or daughter with similar interests, and a similar age, we shall contact you directly with a background about the partner we have chosen for you. You will then have a 5 day period to accept or reject the proposed dates and partner. Should both families accept we will then send an invoice and the booking shall be finalised. Grand Sports Exchange shall then process and book the flights 60 days before departure. A final confirmation including your flight, sporting details, itinerary, and transportation shall be sent out three to four weeks prior to departure. Please check these again carefully as flight timings can vary. However, we will ensure that every effort is made to notify you of any changes. 

2. When you pay the balance

The balance of your booking is set out on your invoice and should be paid by the latest 14 days after confirming your booking. A reminder will be sent. If the full balance is not paid by the said date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and seek reimbursement for any additional loss we have incurred.

3. If you are forced to cancel your booking

You may cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, but the instructions will only be valid should you send it to us in writing by email. To compensate us for the expense of processing your booking, any flight expenses which may have occurred, booking tennis camps and for the risk that we may not be able to find another partner for your exchange partner, we charge a cancellation fee on the scale shown below. The amount payable depends on when we receive your written instructions.

Our Cancellation Charges are as follows: (shown as % of the total package)

Confirmation of booking to 100 days before departure- lose 25%

100-45 days- lose 50%

45-14 days- lose 85%

14 days or less- lose 100% (Including ‘no show’)


Flight cancellations are subject to flight operators, with whom your flights are booked. Terms and Conditions apply.

4. If we cancel your booking

In the unfortunate circumstance where the other party concerned in the exchange has to cancel, we shall notify you as soon as we know and depending on the time frame you may either

(a) Choose to be paired up with another child and go on the same dates

(b) Choose to be paired up with another child and go on different dates

(c) Cancel your package with a full refund.

If you choose (a) or (b) we will discount your exchange by £75. If you choose (c) we will give you a full refund. We will not accept any further liability.


5. Misbehaviour

We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to terminate without notice the exchange arrangements of any customer whose behaviour is such that it is likely in our opinion to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to our other families, employees, property, or to any third party. It is extremely important that every child and guardian who accepts the terms and conditions reacts in a responsible manner when hosting another child and when being at a host family. We are sending children to other families on behalf of us and it is extremely important for us to maintain a good relationship with all families, therefore we ask that all children are respectful, thankful, and courteous to the other families. We also ask that families try to make their exchange partner feel as much involved as possible to aid in their experience when in a different country.  


Should the exchange need to be cancelled due to misbehaviour full cancellation charges will apply and we will be under no obligation whatsoever to provide a refund or compensation for costs which may be incurred. We shall ensure that arrangements are made for the child misbehaving to be brought back to their families as soon as possible.

6. DBS/ Background Check of host families

Under British and Spanish law, it is not required for host families to have DBS checks. However, we do take the safety of children extremely seriously ensuring we have done necessary pre-checks for families that they are able to support an additional minor in their house and that they have the right intentions for hosting along with introducing families so that they can get to know each other before exchanges. If you are concerned and would like to request a DBS from the hosting family then we are happy to provide assistance. 

7. Our payment plan

We understand that paying for your exchange in a whole sum amount can be a significant amount of money. Therefore we offer a payment plan to suit your needs and make your exchange more affordable. Through 2 simple payments you are able to save monthly to make your trip easier to finance whilst making our exchanges affordable for all family backgrounds. After we have spoke to you about our services and we have presented your exchange partner, you can start your exchange by paying the initial payment. Our payment plan is built up of 2 payments.

  1. Initial payment- 50% – Upon accepting your exchange partner

  2. Final payment –  50% – 1st June 2019  


Should you prefer, It is also possible to pay for your exchange in full upon finalising your booking.

8. Travelling in groups

Our exchanges are based on the individual experiences and life skills you gain from going to another country and so if you are looking to really challenge yourself then we would recommend going alone. However, we understand that some young people may prefer to go with their friends and enjoy a summer experience with their friends from tennis. This is absolutely fine and we offer group exchanges where we can find multiple people from the same club so that you can still live with your exchange partner but you can travel with your friends and be at the same tennis camp in England and Spain as them should the dates match up. In the case that you would like to be in a group, please notify us in our questionnaire and we shall do our best to find a group. You are allowed to be in a group of two, three or four people. Due to us focusing on matching people with similar sporting ability and interests we run on a maximum of four people in a group. Therefore if there are more than four people looking to do an exchange you will have to split into two groups. In the case that it is not possible for us to find appropriate exchange partners for you group size we may ask you to split the groups or come up with other options. 

9. Flights

In accordance with Civil Aviation Authority requirements, we shall either act as retail flight agents for fully bonded ATOL holders or have agreements with other ATOL holders to grant ATOL certificates. Flights are subject to their Terms and Conditions. Should flights be delayed or cancelled, it is your responsibility to seek compensation from the airline. We also recommend getting travel insurance in case of such an occurrence.

10. Flight Escort Service

A member of the Grand Sports Exchange team shall meet your children at the airport and shall fly with them to and from Spain. Due to the numbers on the exchange each week there may be numerous children on board and so we ask that you’re organised with the necessary documents such as tickets, insurance and passports. If your child is old enough and you’re happy for them to fly alone we may ask if they can fly without assistance. Furthermore please read baggage information on the airline’s websites as it is your responsibility to abide by their baggage policies. Please also ensure that you arrive at least two hours before the flight departure time as it is important that we go through checking in, security, and boarding together. Ensure that you also arrive on time for collecting your children or exchange partners. We shall notify you of any big delays.


11. Flight check-in times and pick ups and drop offs to the airport

Grand Sports Exchange Ltd will not be responsible in any way if your child arrives late for the specified check-in time or for their flight. It is extremely important that you confirm receipt of flight details at least 48 hours before departure and that you check in online with the airline company at least 12 hours before your departure. We can’t accept any liability for clients who fail to comply with this condition and due to a flight change misses their flight. The times received on your itinerary passed onto you are local times and it is important that passengers check in at least 2 hours before the flight departure time. If you are scheduled to take the child you are hosting to the airport then it is your responsibility that they arrive on time for their flight. This means that they need to be arriving at the airport at least two hours before their departure time to ensure they have enough time to check in, go through security and make their flight. If they do not make their flight on time due to not arriving to the airport in enough time then it is your responsibility financially to ensure they are covered to get on the next available flight. When picking up your child’s exchange partner it is important to be on time and have a plan of action where you are meeting them. It is a good idea for children to wear their Grand Sports Exchange T-shirts and for parents picking up to bring a card with their host child’s name on so they know who to look out for. A member of the Grand Sports Exchange team shall ensure they are collected and go to the correct family. 

12. Passports and Visas

Please check that your passport is valid for the entire duration of your tennis exchange. An in-date standard British Passport or standard Spanish passport is required. All passports, travel insurance, health certificate requirements and foreign advice are your responsibility. Grand Sports Exchange Ltd accept no responsibility for any delay or expenses incurred through any irregularity in your documents.


13. Insurance

We require our clients to take out travel insurance. This insurance, amongst other benefits, will provide some cover in the event of cancellations due to sickness or injury. Injuries do occur from time to time in sport and we do not want our clients to lose out financially because of them. In the case of a client getting injured while on their exchange, Grand Sports Exchange Ltd shall help to ensure its client is looked after and can get home safely. In precaution to such events we ensure that someone part of the business will always be in the country nearby at times of exchange to help out in these instances.

14. Exclusivity of our exchanges

Our whole mission is to offer an exclusive product. This involves our selective search for clubs, our individualised choosing of pairs depending on many factors, and our constant support throughout the whole exchange. Please feel that you can contact us with any thoughts, suggestions, or problems. We shall always do our best to help you out. It is also our main focus that we provide and experience which couldn’t be provided in the country you currently live in. Therefore we operate on a maximum of 15 exchange children of the same nationality at the same time at each tennis camp depending on the club. This is to ensure that the exchange children get more involved and learn more about the culture of their partner.  


15. Experience day

The experience day is an important part of the trip for your child’s exchange partner and will be a huge part of how they review their trip. Therefore, we ask that you and your whole family treat your exchange partner in a way in which you would like your son or daughter to be treated. This involves trying to give them an experience which they couldn’t have in their country. This could involve where they go to visit, what they eat, who they go to see, or what they go to do. For Spanish families this involves taking your exchange partner to see one of: Girona, Barcelona, the beach area of the east coast or the mountainous beautiful landscape of Catalonia depending on your location or something similar . For English families this involves giving your Spanish exchange partner a really new and exciting experience. We realise that some of these experiences may come at a financial cost but we ask you to be generous thinking of what kind of experiences your son or daughter could go on while in another country. It is the host families choice on where they choose to go and we understand that some families are not going to want to drive two hours in the summer sun to see Barcelona all day. We just ask that you fulfil one of these four experiences or give something of a similar value to your exchange partner so that they come away having a really great experience. In the event of inclement weather it may not be possible to complete many of the outdoor experiences such as going to the beach or to the mountains. Therefore we ask you in this case to try to give your partner an indoor event such as a restaurant experience or something which isn’t outdoor based instead. For one week packages it is required that there is a minimum of one experience day. When staying in another country for three and four week packages it is expected that you provide or are provided with two experience days (One per week). 

16. Our Responsibility

Grand Sports Exchange Ltd has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your child. It is extremely important to us that we check out the families beforehand, that we know your child is going to a safe environment where they will have a really great experience. Also it is important that we have someone part of the company close by as a first response should your child feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or unhappy at any point in his or her trip.

17. Sports Programmes

In the case of inclement weather we cannot accept any responsibility if your child misses out on any hours of their camp. In all sports camps every effort shall be made to continue the sports camp unless unsafe to do so. However, it is the discretion of the Coach running the camp whether it is safe to do so and what make up policy they have. Our Clients freely accept the risk that weather conditions may affect in whole or part the number of hours to be provided. It is imperative that your child treats the club that he or her is visiting including its facilities, coaches, members, children, and any other staff there with respect and that he or her behaves themselves.

18. Reuniting with your exchange partner

It is our intention that our clients have a really great time in another country and meet a friend for life. In this case it is likely that you will want to repeat your experience and possibly do it for a second, third, and maybe fourth time. In this case we can offer a repeat service for a reduced price. The second time you visit your exchange partner your price shall be reduced by 12%. The third and fourth time you visit your price shall be reduced by a further 10% each time.  

19. Problems

In the unlikely event of there being something not to you or your son or daughter’s liking that is in our direct control, we ask that you report it immediately. Unless there is a valid reason why you fail to report your complaint to us then we will not consider ourselves to be liable in respect of complaints, which were not registered. If the matter cannot be rectified immediately, details of your complaint should be submitted no later than 14 days after your date of return, in writing. We will not accept liability in respect of claims received outside this period.