Grand Sports Exchange’s number one priority is the safety of children participating in our exchanges. Therefore, we have strict policies to do everything we can to keep your children safe when participating in exchanges. We feel that we have a huge advantage compared to other exchanges because we have local knowledge. Having team members from both countries of the exchange means that should any problems arise, we will be the first point of call for any parents or children. In addition to this we will be able to respond and solve issues quickly so that everyone involved can have a positive experience. 

Our Regulations


Grand Sports Exchange has many regulations and policies to surpass safeguarding regulations:
  • Preliminary visits will be made to areas of England and Spain where exchanges take place.

  • Grand Sports Exchange advantageously has team members who work in each country who will help ensure your child is going to a safe and friendly environment.

  • Risk assessments will be made prior to any exchanges.

  • Families and young people will be carefully matched with consideration given to particular aspects including, for example, gender, diet, religious beliefs and special needs. 

  • Children will have their own bed in a room of someone of their own gender, or a separate bedroom.

  • Children must have privacy whilst dressing, washing and using toilet facilities.

  • Children must feel confident about how to contact supervising staff, and must be able to identify and report risks or situations which make them feel uncomfortable.

  • Host families and all team members must have the relevant legal background check in their country to participate in our exchanges.

  • Contingency measures are in place if a child needs to move from the host family.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, immediate medical help will be sought. The safety of all children is paramount and all necessary action will be taken to ensure this. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, either Matt or Ferran will notify parents, ensure the child is getting the required medical care, and assess the situation afterwards to ascertain what the next steps will be for the child. All copies of papers evidencing medical care must be kept, including doctor’s letters, ambulance certificates, bills, vouchers, hospital admission forms, and blood transfusion certificates. These should be provided to the relevant person for submission to the insurers in the participating overseas country, as appropriate.


​Reducing the risk of behaviour problems, illness or injury

We have strict behavioural policies which need to be complied with to make the exchange a fun experience for all involved including the whole family. We would like to emphasise that our exchanges are an amazing opportunity for young people to learn, improve their tennis, and experience new things. Therefore, it is imperative that young people act in a respectful, safe, and well behaved manner for the safety and well being of all parties that are involved. In circumstances where young people are seriously misbehaving, we reserve the right to cancel exchanges and send children home early to their family. We really do not want to do this and so it is paramount that children act in a responsible manner.