We place great importance in our campers finishing our camps with a really positive attitude towards learning languages. In a short amount of time we can’t teach them the whole Spanish dictionary. However, we can instil a reason for children to really want to succeed in learning a language and enable them to practice with native speakers whilst improving their ability to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. Whether they are a complete beginner or advanced in Spanish we can cater to their abilities. 


Your GSE journey starts upon receiving your welcome booklet. Not only will it have information about what you will need for your time with us, it will be used throughout your time at our camps. Our language booklet contains fun games, puzzles, challenges, useful information about Taunton, activities and useful key words for you to practice with your new Spanish friends.

Each day Monday to Friday you will participate in Spanish sessions. A qualified teacher will help you improve your Spanish whether you are a complete beginner or study it at school. Our fun activities will help you to practice and build confidence in speaking, writing, listening and reading. You will receive both group and individual help to improve your skills. We also teach reasons why learning a second language can be so beneficial. Whether it be for a future career or making friends from around the world being able to speak a second language is such an important part and can really be an amazing skill to have. 

As well as your Spanish lessons, part of our sport training and activities includes some language learning. We pride ourselves in being an enjoyable language provider so part of our language teaching is through sports. Our campers will have to use their skills to communicate with native speakers, listen to our coaches and complete challenges in Spanish all in an enjoyable way.