Life at Camp

We work hard all year planning activities to ensure that we create the right atmosphere and environment at our summer camp. We want everyone to feel comfortable and treat our camp like home for the week or two that they stay. GSE Camps is for children aged 10-15. At camp, children can express themselves, make life-long friendships, develop key life skills and create memories that will last a lifetime. Offering a smaller bespoke camp, you will get individual attention from our staff and develop really close friendships with others on the camp.

At GSE camp our campers are treated to a healthy but wholesome meal for breakfast, lunch and dinners. Breakfast, options include continental and traditional cooked breakfast. For lunch and dinner you will have a range of choices with a main meal, salad/pasta bar, vegetarian options, delicious desserts and fresh fruit. As well as their three main meals, children receive snack breaks during the day to make sure they have enough energy to put all their attention into our fun sports and games.

Catering to individual needs is important to us, and so we ensure children with food allergies and other dietary requirements get the same quality of food as everyone else. Be sure to mention any special dietary requirements when booking and we wil accommodate these throughout their stay.

At GSE Camps safety is our priority and we do everything possible to ensure your children are kept as safe as possible. We go above and beyond to ensure the following safety measures are followed: 

  • Risk assessments are taken for each and every activity
  • We use the safe and secure environment that is Taunton Boarding School
  • All our Staff undergo detailed safety training before each year
  • Each accomodation is locked throughout the day and at night with only staff having key card access to the buildings
  • Registers are taken before each activity at the camp to ensure we aren’t missing anyone
  • All our staff undergo suitability checks using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • We have experienced staff qualified in first aid always present on site to attend to any injuries or illnesses 

If you have any other questions on safety procedures then please contact us and we will be happy to talk about the extra measures that we put in place to ensure our campers are safe and secure during their time with us. 

At Taunton School we have a secure and modern boarding house made up of rooms sleeping 1,2,3,4 or 8 campers. If you have a preference on sleeping in a dorm style room with your friends or if you prefer the privacy of single rooms then simply let us know when booking and we’ll do our best to make sure that everyone is happy with their sleeping arrangements. Each floor is single sex and has at least one team leader (member of staff) sleeping on the same floor ensuring their safety. Each boarding house is supervised with staff and fully furnished with games rooms, living areas, showering facilities and toilets.