What makes your exchange the right choice for my child?

If your child wants an adventure, to improve their sports skills, to learn/improve a new language, to meet new people or wants to have a really amazing experience then we have the right packages for you. Our exchanges will help children grow and mature, teach them important life skills and give them some unforgettable moments to reflect on for the rest of their lives.

How old does my son or daughter have to be to go on an exchange?

Your son or daughter needs to be at least 11 years old.

Where in England and Spain will these exchanges take place?

In England, the area we will be primarily focusing on is the West Midlands area including Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and Worcester. In Spain, exchanges will take place in the Catalonia area including Barcelona, Girona and Costa Brava.

Should I choose the experience package or the performance package?

If you play a sport regularly and are focused on improving and looking to compete and you play at a high level then the performance package is the right choice for you. If you still want to improve but you are still a beginner or a leisurely player then the experience package would suit you better.

When do I need to pay to finalise my booking?

After a partner is chosen for you and you both have accepted, we shall then send through an email with finalised details including an invoice. After this is sent, you will have 14 days to pay the invoice.

When will I know who my exchange partner is?

When we have found a suitable partner for you, we shall be in contact and you then will have time to accept or reject your proposed partner.

How do you deal with homesickness?

We realise that for a young child, being away from their family for a week or two may be challenging but this is part of the process. Children will have to embrace the new culture in which they are living. That said, children will be kept busy with their tennis camps from Monday to Friday and with their experience day on the Saturday to avoid them becoming homesick. In addition, we will have someone in the country with experience who can speak both Spanish and English as a first response should your child need anything.

Is there a limit to how much my son or daughter can bring with them?

In their welcome pack, your son and daughter will have an extensive guide on exactly what they will need to bring on their exchange. The only money that they will need to bring is for any souvenirs or extra spending money. There will be baggage limits depending on the airline company.

What are group exchanges?
Our exchanges are based on the individual experiences and life skills you gain from going to another country and so if you are looking to really challenge yourself then we would recommend going alone. However, we understand that some young people may prefer to go with their friends and enjoy a summer experience with their friends from tennis. This is absolutely fine and we offer group exchanges where we can find multiple people from the same club so that you can still live with your exchange partner but you can travel with your friends and be at the same tennis camp in England and Spain as them should the dates match up. In the case that you would like to be in a group, please notify us in our questionnaire and we shall do our best to find a group. You are allowed to be in a group of two, three or four people. Due to us focusing on matching people with similar tennis ability and interests we run on a maximum of four people in a group. Therefore if there are more than four people looking to do an exchange you will have to split into two groups. In the case that it is not possible for us to find appropriate exchange partners for you group size we may ask you to split the groups or come up with other options.